The Legend of Princess Mandalika Lombok

The story used to be that there was a kingdom on the south coast of the island of Lombok, named Tanjung Bitu. This kingdom has a very beautiful crown princess and has a good personality named Princess Mandalika.

Princess Mandalika grew up charmingly, besides having a beautiful face, she also has a good and polite nature, she is also famous for being friendly. With beautiful eyes, her beautiful long hair fell. Makes everyone who sees it fall in love.

Princess Mandalika, The Legend History of Lombok

Because of the beauty of the princess, many princes from various kingdoms came to marry her. So many princes proposed to the princess, the king left the decision to choose his daughter.

Then the Princess decided to meditate, and in meditation, Putru got instructions and invited all the princes and their people to gather on the 20th of the 10th month, the month of Sasak on the Seger Beach of Kuta in the morning before the dawn call to prayer sounded.

The time has come when the princess decided, princes from various kingdoms came along with their people. Seger Beach was also crowded with people from each kingdom.

The princess arrived dressed in very beautiful silk clothes, the princess and her bodyguard climbed the hill on the fresh beach. And addressed all the guests and the people, the princess said she wanted to see peace and peace on the island of Lombok, without any debate.

The princess realized that if she accepted one of the proposals from the prince, there would be a dispute that could lead to war. Then the princess stepped with her back to the open sea, and said to all her guests, and announced her decision.

In the words of the princess said that she was for everyone, then the princess threw herself into the sea. All the guests were shocked and looked for the princess at sea, but the results were in vain because they could not find the princess.

Not long after, there was a nyale animal that emerged from the sea, the animal was a long worm known as a nyale. People believe that the worm is the incarnation of Princess Mandalika Lombok.

And until now the Bau Nyale traditional ceremony is always celebrated and is held in February – March.

You can visit Seger beach to see the Mandalika princess monument, you can also enjoy the natural beauty that is here.