The Enchantment of Senggigi Beach Lombok

Hearing Senggigi beach on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), of course its beauty is familiar to tourists who have been there. The location of this beach is in Batu Layar District, West Lombok, NTB. You can take it from Mataram City in about 30-50 minutes. The variety of charms offered by this beach is undeniable, one of which is the view of Mount Agung in Bali which can be seen from Lombok.

Senggigi Beach, Lombok

Anyone who comes there, can enjoy the sunset by the beach with the backdrop of the highest mountain on the island of Bali. Its location far from the beach makes Mount Agung look like it is floating in the middle of the ocean. When you see Mount Agung at the Senggigi beach spot, it is as if you will see the highest mountain on the Island of the Gods, like a giant black pyramid.

The sunset coupled with the background of Mount Agung will definitely be your best sunset experience while in Lombok. Not infrequently tourists are always crowded in the afternoon to see this sunset. Don’t forget to capture every moment of the sunset with the backdrop of Mount Agung here.

This is usually done by tourists who come. Apart from looking at Mount Agung

What other interesting activities can you do on Senggigi beach? Here we summarize the recommendations:

  1. Snorkeling One of the activities that should not be missed when visiting Senggigi Beach is snorkeling. See Photos The beauty of the sea at Senggigi beach, Lombok, NTB. The underwater beauty of Senggigi beach is undeniable. You can rent snorkeling equipment at Senggigi beach to immediately see the beauty of coral reefs and fish under the sea. No need to swim to the middle of the sea, you can already enjoy the beauty on the beach. The sea water on this beach is also fairly clear so that the fish and coral reefs can be seen clearly. In addition, the shallow and sloping beach and the waves are not big, making your snorkeling activities more comfortable without fear of being dragged by the waves.
  2. Learn to surf See people surfing or surfing on Senggigi beach? It is common. Senggigi Beach is a surfing spot. You can also learn to surf because there are surf coaches who can train tourists. See Photo Surfing at Senggigi beach, Lombok, NTB. This beach is also known as a beach that is suitable for beginner surfers. Besides Senggigi beach, there are other beaches, such as Jeeva and Mangsit for learning to surf. On average, Senggigi Beach waves have a height of 0.5-1 meters, making it suitable for beginners who want to learn to surf.
  3. Relax on the beach Just relaxing on Senggigi Beach is also the best decision with a long coastline. Sunset at Senggigi Beach, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok not only offers a charming panorama of Mount Rinjani, but also a very attractive beach panorama. If you bring children, you can also take them to play with the sand like making sand castles. You can also bring your family for a picnic on this beach. The air is also not too hot, because there are lush trees around the beach. Of course, after having a picnic, don’t forget to throw your trash in the place provided. 4. Hunting for Lombok culinary In addition to enjoying activities on the beach, you can also hunt for culinary at Senggigi beach. There are many local food stalls selling a variety of Lombok specialties. You can find Taliwang Chicken with white rice, pelecing kale and chili paste, typical of Lombok. Call it chicken taliwang, plecing kale, satay bulayak and others, you can find it at Senggigi beach food stalls. The menu that is usually served on the beach, namely seafood, is sure to be the main menu of a restaurant or food stall.

    Of course, when traveling during a pandemic like this, you must comply with health protocols, such as wearing a mask, diligently washing your hands with soap, keeping your distance, and not forcing yourself to leave when you are sick.