The Beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok

If you have never been to Kuta beach Lombok you will be curious, what are the tourist destinations that you can visit there? The beauty of Kuta Beach Lombok that must be known is located in the village of Kuta, Central Lombok district, about 57 KM from the city of Mataram. Kuta Lombok beach tourist … Read more

Gili Asahan Presents Enchanting Nature

Gili Asahan Lombok is located in Batu Putih Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok. This Gili offers stunning natural beauty, which can make your and your family’s vacation much more memorable. Lombok has many tourist attractions that present interesting natural charms for you to visit, starting from beaches, forests, hills, tourist villages, mountains to the famous … Read more

The Legend of Princess Mandalika Lombok

The story used to be that there was a kingdom on the south coast of the island of Lombok, named Tanjung Bitu. This kingdom has a very beautiful crown princess and has a good personality named Princess Mandalika. Princess Mandalika grew up charmingly, besides having a beautiful face, she also has a good and polite … Read more

Tunak Hills Lombok Offers Exotic Views

Tunak hill in Lombok is one of the hidden tourist attractions, which has not been visited by many tourists. So this place is still beautiful and quiet, perfect for those of you who want to relieve fatigue, enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and stunning views. Lombok does have many unique tourist attractions and offers a variety … Read more

The Beauty of Senggigi Beach, Lombok

Senggigi Beach Tourism Lombok Island is one of the most famous beaches among domestic and foreign tourists. This beach is located near the city of Mataram, a bit far indeed, but tourists are willing to come to this beach even though the distance is a bit far. Senggigi City itself is the busiest tourist center … Read more

Exciting Tour to Gili Trawangan Lombok

Gili Trawangan is an island that seems unique to visitors, there is no frenetic motorized vehicle activity on this island, the only public transportation that can operate on this island is a horse carriage/carriage which in Lombok’s Sasak language is called Cidomo so you were satisfied to enjoy Gili Trawangan Tour. In addition to Cidomo … Read more

Hidden Paradise on Mount Rinjani

Indonesia is indeed rich in its natural beauty. The mountains, the sea, the rice fields, all show how beautiful Indonesia is. One of Indonesia’s natural charms is Mount Rinjani. This mountain with an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level is indeed one of the choices for climbers, both domestic and foreign climbers. How not, … Read more

Labuan Bajo A Piece of Heaven

Labuan Bajo is a hidden paradise in eastern Indonesia. This village is located in Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, which is directly adjacent to West Nusa Tenggara and separated by the Sape Strait. Labuan Bajo is one of five Super Priority Destinations being developed in Indonesia. This destination is the gateway … Read more

The Beauty of Malimbu Beach Lombok

Again I witnessed heaven on earth for the umpteenth time. When you set foot near the beach, you can only stare and take a deep breath. It’s natural to be surprised to see the beautiful expanse of the sea covered in the dazzling sky. The name is Malimbu beach which is located in Lombok, West … Read more

The Enchantment of Senggigi Beach Lombok

Hearing Senggigi beach on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), of course its beauty is familiar to tourists who have been there. The location of this beach is in Batu Layar District, West Lombok, NTB. You can take it from Mataram City in about 30-50 minutes. The variety of charms offered by this … Read more