Lombok Culinary Must Be Explored

Lombok is one of the halal tourist destinations in the world. Here you are not only presented with natural beauty, but the friendliness of the residents, culture, and even culinary delights will make you feel at home for a long time on a tour on this island.

sate bulayak, lombok traditional culinary

Talking about culinary, Lombok does have a distinctive taste and a strong aroma of spices. Not to forget the spicy taste of the food has always been an icon for this island. If you don’t like spicy taste, you have to choose wisely. Here are some Lombok culinary recommended for you:

Lombok Culinary Tour that Must Be Explored

Kangkung Pelecing
Pelecing kangkung is a typical food of the people of Lombok which is made from kale. This kale has a different texture and a slightly different taste. Pelecing kangkung consists of boiled water spinach and chili sauce. Now, this chili sauce consists of tomatoes, salt, Lombok shrimp paste, red cayenne pepper, kaffir lime juice, and seasoning. The spicy taste sucks.

Kelaq Batih
This one food is quite difficult to find either in restaurants or in restaurants. The main ingredients used for this kelaq batih are old chickpeas and young cassava leaves. The item that becomes its trademark lies in the spices used. In the Sasak language, this spice is called yeast beleq. This food is usually eaten with rice. The taste is unique on the tongue.

Sate Bulayak
Bulayak has a texture like a diamond, but the shape is different. Uniquely, the wrap from bulayak is not made from coconut leaves or banana leaves but uses palm leaves. In addition, this bulayak satay uses different spices from the usual satay. The seasoning for this bulayak satay is made from thick coconut milk and candlenut. But when asked about the taste, there are still similarities to ordinary satay.

Puyung Rice
Nasi puyung is mixed rice that has a high level of spicy taste. One serving of Nasi Puyung consists of white rice, fried soybean seeds, meat sauce, creamy fried potatoes, and chili sauce. It tastes good, especially the chili sauce. But for those of you who don’t like spicy, you don’t need to eat chili.

Ares is a vegetable made from young banana trees. The banana commonly used is the kapok banana tree. With a distinctive blend of spices, ares is a food that you must try. In the past, Ares could only be enjoyed on certain occasions, but now Ares is easy to find and can be enjoyed at any time.

Those are some of the most recommended and must-visit culinary delights when visiting Lombok.