Gili Asahan Presents Enchanting Nature

Gili Asahan Lombok is located in Batu Putih Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok. This Gili offers stunning natural beauty, which can make your and your family’s vacation much more memorable.

Lombok has many tourist attractions that present interesting natural charms for you to visit, starting from beaches, forests, hills, tourist villages, mountains to the famous Gili.

Gili Asahan, Lombok

Which makes your choice to Lombok not in vain, because you can choose a variety of tours that you want.

There are quite some Gilis in Lombok, and each dyke has its characteristics and advantages. Like Gili Trawangan which is famous for its tourist charm. Which is famous all over the world.

However, in this article we will not discuss Gili Trawangan, we will discuss Gili Asahan tourism in Lombok which offers beautiful charm. Not inferior to Gili Trawangan, it is certain that your tour here is no less exciting than the others.

The Beauty That Is on Gili Asahan Lombok

For those of you underwater lovers, it is imperative to visit Gili Asahan tourism, because here you can enjoy the beauty of the amazing underwater garden. Invite a family, friends to your partner on vacation here, so it will be more exciting.

No wonder many have visited this tour, enjoying the beautiful underwater world. You can also see the natural panorama around you during the trip to this tour, which is beautiful and beautiful.

On Gili Asahan there are soft corals and hard corals that are still preserved, you can go diving or snorkeling. To witness the beauty of the super amazing underwater nature.

With seawater that is so clear and small waves, which invites you to come swimming. While enjoying the beautiful nature in Gili Asahan Lombok. The white sand of the beach adds to the attraction of tourists when visiting.

If you choose this Gili tour as your vacation destination, you are obliged to try one of the most popular activities here. Namely snorkeling. When you snorkel here, you can see many types and varieties of colorful fish here.

The inhabitants of Gili Asahan are around the head of the family. They are always ready to welcome tourists who come warmly. So that every tourist who vacations here is comfortable, and maximizes the vacation with a fun and memorable one.

From Mataram to Gili Asahan Tour, you need to travel 2 hours. And later it will be carried out by boat to go to Gili Asahan, about 15-20 minutes.

When crossing you are invited to visit the best snorkeling spots, where you can see firsthand the amazing underwater life at large.

Make sure you capture your tour here with an underwater camera, capture every best moment of your vacation with the marine inhabitants of Gili Asahan of various types and various beautiful and unique colors.

How? Already know the natural beauty of Gili Asahan Lombok, let’s visit now. Make your vacation this time more memorable by visiting Lombok as the destination.