4 Places to Shop for Lombok Souvenirs

Lombok is the right destination to spend vacation time with your beloved family. A variety of natural beauty and amazing panoramas make anyone who sees will fall in love absurdly. So it would be very unfortunate if visiting a place as beautiful as this did not bring a souvenir. In this article, we have summarized 4 places to shop for typical Lombok souvenirs that are recommended. Happy listening.

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Lombok, is an island located on the mainland of the archipelago. The island which has a slightly oval shape at the tip is famous for its stunning natural scenery. No wonder so many tourists, both local and tourists, are willing to travel far from their area to foreign areas that they do not recognize.

That’s why Lombok has a lot of typical Lombok souvenirs that grab attention. From the tourists themselves, it is necessary to have sensitivity to be aware and know how important these souvenirs are to buy. At least when you go home, you will have a feeling of wanting to share with your family and friends.

Various Typical Lombok Souvenirs

If you look at Lombok, it turns out that you will find a lot of typical souvenirs from this one island. It has become a mandatory item for every tourist to just try out those souvenirs. Because later there will be many culinary delights that will increase the enthusiasm of the tourists.

Therefore, before returning home, you must taste a variety of typical Lombok souvenirs, and don’t forget to bring them back to your hometown to give to your relatives. You don’t need to worry, because you will find many souvenirs in the form of t-shirts in Lombok. This is known from the many jersey convections on the island.

Here are some typical Lombok souvenirs that are recommended because of their uniqueness, very suitable to be enjoyed in a fairly long period.

  1. Sasak Woven Fabric
    For a long time, weaving is believed to be part of the lifeblood of the indigenous people of Lombok. On this basis, woven cloth is a mandatory item that tourists must buy when traveling to Lombok. The typical Sasak woven fabric will later become ikat and songket woven fabrics.
  2. Sumbawa Honey
    Next, there is Sumbawa Honey which is also the next typical Lombok souvenir. Although this honey comes from Sumbawa, which is a small island in the east of Lombok, the great thing is that Sumbawa honey is still considered a typical Lombok gift. This honey is said to have many benefits.
  3. Seaweed Dodol
    Having seaweed cultivation makes Lombok more and more favorite foods. Seaweed will be the raw material for the lunkhead. With the delicacy that every bite makes people who try it immediately addicted. You can buy this lunkhead at a typical Lombok gift shop.

Recommended Lombok Souvenir Shopping Places

After mentioning a little about souvenirs, it’s time to move on to the shop. Here we have summarized in full the recommended places to shop for Lombok souvenirs, very suitable for those of you who miss Lombok’s specialties or tourists who want to return to their hometowns.

  1. Darling Art Market
    In the city of Mataram, you will know carefully that there are many tourists from various regions in Indonesia. Because there are many tourists, souvenirs are also often sought after in the city. If you are confused looking for souvenirs, in Mataram there is a market called the art market. In this market, you can buy various handicrafts typical of the Lombok region in the form of woven cloth, woven rattan, handicrafts from wood, etc.
  2. Mataram Craft Center (MCC)
    Mataram Craft Center (MCC) is a special souvenir of high-value jewelry. The place is around Sekarbela, Mataram city. When you want to go there, you will find lots of pearl jewelry shops. But as usual, the most recommended jewelry store is still at MCC.

Talking about jewelry, especially pearls, it turns out that so far there are two types of pearls that are often forgotten, freshwater pearls and seawater pearls. Freshwater pearls have a relatively affordable price, see also how easy it is to pick them up. In contrast to seawater pearls, which can reach tens of thousands, because the process of retrieving them is very dependent on one’s life.

  1. Next to Mataram Mall
    If you like traveling to Mataram Mall, you will find shopping shops that sell a variety of Lombok souvenirs. You can easily find various types of food, as well as items ranging from woven fabrics, Lombok t-shirts to pearl jewelry.

But you have to remember again, that these shops are in the heart of the city. so even though the shop is small, don’t be surprised if the prices offered far exceed the price expectations. But because it is in the middle of the city, this shop upholds quality. So it is very natural that this souvenir place is always crowded with visitors.

Along the road beside the Mataram mall, shops are selling various kinds of Lombok souvenirs. Starting from woven fabrics, special foods, Lombok t-shirts, you can find pearl jewelry here. The choice of places in the center of Mataram city makes the souvenir shopping center always crowded with visitors. You have to be good at bargaining the price because the prices here are relatively expensive.

  1. Kute Art Market
    You know Kuta beach Lombok? This beach, which is famous for its tourists, turns out to be very much found in various art shops that provide Lombok souvenirs. In addition, Lombok souvenirs such as bags, beach cloth, shoes can also be found here. So don’t forget to stop by here when on vacation to Kuta beach.

Finally, those are some places to shop for typical Lombok souvenirs that are recommended by us. Don’t forget to use strong and sturdy packaging to support lots of gifts, such as thick cardboard packaging for example. You can also read our other articles about the mandalika circuit and travel medicine. Hopefully useful, see you.